The art of cosmetic medicine with NP Christina and Dr. Lyn Pascoe. Add the appearance of volume, create the look of angles and help preserve a natural looking, more refreshed you. Juvéderm®, Juvederm Volite®, Restylane®, Teosyal® and Redensity II® are all examples of the injectable gels or dermal fillers we use. Dermal fillers are a versatile treatment which can be used to correct the look of fine lines, under eye hollows, deep creases and restore the appearance of volume in the face, hands, and lips. The treatment may last just 40-60 minutes and you will be on your way.
*Individual results may vary.

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As we age, we start to lose volume in certain areas of the face which can make us look tired and sunken. This may be caused by the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin. Unlike wrinkles which might require muscle relaxants ( Botox ) to soften them, facial volume and folds may require a dermal filler to help potentially improve the appearance of the area. Dermal fillers are based on a substance that occurs naturally in your body – a sugar molecule that exists naturally in almost all living organisms. Our selection of hyaluronic acid fillers may offer instant, natural-looking results to smooth the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles. Our standard filler product may last an average of 6 months, while our premium product may last between 12-18 months.

When you consult with Dr. Biro, he will address your concerns and work with you to create a treatment plan using the the wide range of skin care solutions available at Longevity Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic.

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"Exemplary service, informed consent, contemporary knowledge, a sense of humour, delightful patient outcomes. Thank you for your service and commitment to the art and science of personal wellness.”
- Melanie Young

*Individual Results may vary

Be good to yourself! We are in this life for the long haul so why not look the best we can. It is amazing what a CO2 laser treatment can do for your skin. Plan 5 days of “Me” time, then look out world! The results are absolutely fabulous presto-changeo: 10 - 15 years younger! I am thrilled.
- Camille

*Individual Results may vary

"This is a note to let you know how pleased I am with my Micro-fractional laser treatment given by Dr. Biro. I found it to be nearly painless during the treatment of about one hour or so and of course no pain at all with the healing process."
- Carollee

*Individual Results may vary

I've been seeing Dr. Andy for botox and facial treatments since 2011. As a person, he is very considerate and caring; capable of interesting, lively banter - a nice to know individual. As a professional, he is quite disciplined and knowledgeable. His clinical approach is cautious and discerning - using the most appropriate treatment of the many options and products offered by his practice. He does good work and I trust him. I do not look anything like a 60+ woman - I look 40-ish.... which is quite empowering.
- from:

*Individual Results may vary

Absolutely amazing team! Gorgeous selection of skincare and makeup products that'll make you feel like a million dollars. Excellent, top tier services to achieve your - most fabulous - you. The fountain of youth does exist!!
- Daina Goodinson

*Individual Results may vary

Excellent service, & very reasonable rates. Dr. Biro was really great, very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled, and the rest of the staff were so helpful and friendly.
I had two people recommend this clinic, one of whom is a nurse, and i couldn't be happier that I went. I've had my botox done at 3 other clinics and I've had the best results from Longevity - I'll definitley be coming back!!
I came over from Vancouver, was running late because I missed a ferry and they couldn't have been nicer about rescheduling me and doing everything they could to get me in.
I've already recommended them to three other friends/family members - you should definitely go check them out.
- Dawn Webb

*Individual Results may vary

Thank you Longevity Team. I was a little nervous at first, and within minutes Melissa put my worries to ease. Dr. Andy Biro worked his magic, and the results are astonishing. I highly recommend Longevity Medical.
- Marieke Maria

*Individual Results may vary


What’s involved in the treatment?

You will be given a full consultation and if you are suitable for treatment we can proceed.  You will be asked to sit/lie on a treatment bed and made comfortable.  Your skin will be prepared with cleansing and a numbing cream will be applied, when the area is ready the Dermal Filler will be administered.  You will be given after-care advice and details of what to expect following treatment. You can return to your normal day activities soon after.

What areas can be treated?

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth away the look of facial lines and wrinkles, create the appearance of fuller lips and to shape the appearance of facial contours, such as cheeks and chin.  Most clients apply filler in the nos,e to mouth lines, between the eyebrows, lips and cheeks.

Can anybody get this treatment?

Anyone with a previous allergic reaction to a Dermal Filler or someone with an allergy to Lidocain (often added to fillers for the comfort of client) cannot get cosmetic fillers. 

What is the downtime involved with this procedure?

Following your treatment you can expect some local swelling and maybe bruising.  It is often asked that you avoid any vigorous exercise or sun exposure for 24-48 hours.  Some medications may be better avoided to ensure optimum healing too.  All this information will be given to you in more detail during your treatment.

How long will the effects last?

Dermal Fillers are thought to be long-lasting – they may last between six to eight months but this can vary for different individuals.

When will I see results?

You might see results instantly; however there may be slight swelling due to the slight tissue trauma. This may dissipate within 24 hours.

How long does the procedure take?

After your consultation the treatment can take up to 40 minutes, this includes time for the numbing cream to activate.

What are the potential side effects?

Short term side effects can include redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or tenderness at the injection site. Lips can be particularly sensitive and swelling may last for a few days. Because of this, it is extremely important that these cosmetic filler injections are given by a certified and trained physician.